Our Rating Methodology

At our blog, we have a dedicated team of experts with diverse backgrounds in nutrition, holistic health, research, and clinical experience. While our ratings are primarily data-driven, the subjective expertise of our seasoned staff also contributes to the equation.

Trust our expert team to provide you with accurate and reliable ratings that guide your supplement choices.

Rating Methodology

We employ a comprehensive rating algorithm that considers multiple factors to provide accurate and reliable product ratings on a 10-point scale. This approach enables easy comparison and evaluation of different products based on the same criteria. Here are the key factors that heavily influence our ratings:

  1. Ingredient Composition: We thoroughly investigate the latest advancements in holistic medicine to identify the safest and most effective ingredients. Our research evaluates the composition of each product, giving preference to those that utilize optimal dosages of high-quality ingredients while avoiding harmful fillers or additives.
  2. Product Safety: We prioritize the safety of individual ingredients and assess potential adverse interactions among ingredients, common vitamins, minerals, and medications. We also monitor trusted third-party reviews to identify any reported negative reactions or side effects.
  3. Proof of Efficacy: We value scientifically-validated evidence of a supplement’s effectiveness. While customer testimonials have limitations, we prioritize products that have been tested in blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies to establish proof of efficacy.
  4. Clinical Research: Although holistic supplements may not require a doctor’s prescription, we hold them to a high standard of clinical evidence. We scrutinize research methods, journal citations, and the inclusion or exclusion of studies to ensure the product’s claims are supported. Additionally, we contact manufacturers to gather insights into their formulation process and ingredient sourcing.
  5. Expert Insight: Our experienced team, including physicians and nutrition experts, contribute their extensive knowledge and expertise. While data-driven analysis forms the basis of our ratings, the valuable insights and opinions of our seasoned staff also play a role in determining product ratings.

Count on us for reliable and objective ratings that help you make informed decisions about supplements.


  • Michael Ward, Preventive Medicine Specialist (General Health and Wellness)

    As a preventive medicine specialist, Michael Ward covers general health and wellness topics on UsefulVitamins.com. His articles focus on the broader aspects of well-being, discussing lifestyle factors, exercise, stress management, and overall preventive strategies. Michael's expertise in preventive medicine ensures that readers receive comprehensive information on maintaining and optimizing their health, complementing the specific topics covered by other authors on the blog.

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